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1:45 am EST, 14 Feb. 2016

Sieve Result Submission

Instructions, recommendations, sieve programs, files, and stats can all be found on MikeH's SB sieve site.

If you have a non-windows or non-x86 machine, a siever named NBeGon written by Phil Carmody may be what you need. It can be found here.

Once you obtain sieve output, paste it below to submit it to the project. You'll want to coordinate with other users sieving so before you start, reserve a range here on the FreeDC Sieve coordination forum page. That's it. Happy sieving! :)


Minor details and caveats:

For those interested, here are the constraints on what the verifier will accept:

k = one of the 9 left
1000 < n < 50000000
1000000000000 < p < 2^64

These constraints are only to save room in the database.

If you find a factor larger than 2^64 using P-1 or some other factoring method, please use this page to submit it instead.

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