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3:21 pm EST, 13 Feb. 2016

(old) Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q/A FAQs

    An excellent FAQ for our project is maintained by TPR

    Another excellent "getting started" guide with decent explaintions is located here on Anandtech

  • Computer Running Slow??

    RegistryFix can speed your computer back up

    AdwareAlert removes spyware from your computer

  • Project Descriptions

    Here is an excellent general discription of the project and a summary of the accomplishments

  • Popular Press Articles

    The best article written about SB recently

    A reprint of an article by Science Magazine writer Charles Seife

  • Scientific Mentionings

    An entry metioning our project's relation to the history of the problem from Mathworld

    Our NSDL scouting report written by the NSF

    If you know of other good resources, email

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